A series of five Alaska Seas and Watersheds investigations included in the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (C.L.E.A.N.) Collection. Students explore different impacts of climate change on arctic sea and the Bering Sea ecosystem and on glacial ice, model changes in landscapes and read a case study about how changes in a glacial watershed affects a salmon population. In the activity Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, students graph and analyze sea ice extent data, students explore thermal expansion of water as a lab and then observe how a scientist collects long-term data on a bird population. The lessons demonstrates how Arctic sea ice and glaciers are changing and helps students understand how those changes may impact climate, wildlife, and human activities.The sea ice index data can be updated here.

One activity provides guidance for interviewing Alaska Native Elders and other long-term residents on local communities to document local environmental changes and to compare historic photographs of local areas. Alaska Sea Grant.

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